Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water

After Open Water Certification the PADI Advanced Open Water course is a diver’s next step in becoming a better and more experienced diver.
You will be guided on five introductory specialty dives in open water.

You may have already made quite a few safe dives in depths of up to 60 feet (18 meters) to solidify your basic scuba training, and bought some of your own equipment now that you know that the sport is for you.

A trip to a destination with warm water and shallow diving is a good way to ensure that your training has sunk in.
At this stage you might still be diving with someone professional such as a dive master or instructor.

After Advanced Open Water certification you’ll be qualified to dive down to 130 feet* (40 meters), and you’ll be able to dive confidently with just a buddy, without the supervision of a professional.
*Depth limits are more conservative for kids.

Advanced Open Water Training involves 5 open water dives, e-learning and knowledge review. The dives are each focused on a particular aspect of scuba diving, so a typical series of introductory specialty dives might be:
  • Deep Dive
  • Navigation Dive
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive
  • Multi-Level Dive
  • Wreck Dive (outside a wreck only)

There is also a slightly shorter course called
PADI Adventure Diver which requires only 3 specialty dives.