Pete Bucknell
GoPro Workshops
Getting the most out of a GoPro.
The GoPro is capable of capturing professional quality footage.
Pete holds this workshop at dive shows to help people improve their underwater GoPro video results.

This 3 hour workshop covers topics including GoPro settings for underwater, techniques for achieving a super steady shot, GoPro mounting options, the use of lights and filters, accessories that make sense for diving, and Pete’s priorities for safety while shooting underwater.

He’ll also cover workflow and best practices for shooting and organizing footage for editing.

Here's one of a series of videos that will be shown:

The Largest Dive Show in America

Saturday April 2nd, 1pm - 4pm : GoPro Workshop
Tickets $75 (scroll down to W-10 )
This GoPro workshop includes a Saturday wristband which allows admittance to Saturday exhibits and seminars (a $35 value)

Sunday April 3rd, 9am - Noon : GoPro Workshop
Tickets $75 (scroll down to W-17 )
This GoPro workshop includes a Sunday wristband which allows admittance to Sunday exhibits and seminars (a $35 value)

Pete teaches diving and underwater video in New York City, and travels to dive destinations around the world as a cameraman and instructor. He has written a PADI course for GoPro users along with a book which serves the ultimate instruction manual for divers using the GoPro.

He is a PADI instructor trained in Australia, in the US, Mexico and in Israel. His diving experience ranges from deep wreck technical diving in the cold waters off the North-East coast of America, cave diving, and tropical diving, rebreather diving, shooting HD video for television, private clients and dive operations across the globe.

Watch some of Pete's work on

Thanks to all who attended the 2016 workshops in Boston. What a great bunch of people you are!
The next Dive expo will be in 2017: March 11th - 12th

GoPro Workshop

Saturday March 11th 2017 1pm - 4pm
Pencil it in, and email me to be put on the list.

Video Editing for Dummies Workshop
Sunday March 12th 2017 9am - noon
Pencil it in, and email me to be put on the list.

Video Editing Workshop (Boston only):

My Goals with you are to give you:
  • the courage to edit on ANY software
  • the knowledge to set up your workflow
  • the ability to find answers to questions as they arise

I’ll be using
iMovie and GoPro Studio as example programs, but what you’ll be learning will apply forward to all other software.

It’s up to you if you want to just take notes or play along with an editing program.

Mac users, if you haven’t ever opened your iMovie program,  take a moment to find iMovie in your applications and open it. Make sure it’s there.

PC users,  if you haven’t opened an editing software program yet, you could download the free
GoPro Studio

I’ll make it fun, but you’re all going to learn a lot.