GoPro Dives

Pete Bucknell
GoPro Dives
Vacations are a great opportunity to incorporate a bit of fun training.
Join Pete on location and spend a morning shooting with him.

Mexico in May:

Cozumel and Playa del Carmen
Pete will be available in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen in May 2016, offering both parts of the GoPro course:
  • The full GoPro course including classroom session and 2 boat dives
  • or just 2 Boat dives for GoPro users.
If any date works for you, drop an email with dates you are available.

Dates: Pick any morning for 2 boat dives from the following:

 Any morning from May 2 - 8
Diving with 
Aldora Divers 

Playa del Carmen:
Any morning from May 10 - 19
Diving with
BlueLife Divers 
-cenote dives also possible on request instead of boat dives
-2 tank trips via ferry to Cozumel also an option if you are staying on the mainland

2 GoPro Dives: Price $99 + standard dive fees
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GoPro Classroom session + 2 GoPro Dives: $199 + standard dive fees
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In General:
I’ll assign a rough shot list, based on your diving experience, and I’ll observe you underwater and give you tips on how to improve your shooting techniques.
We’ll talk during the surface interval and after the dives about what you do well and how to improve.

Classroom Session is 2- 3 hrs and covers:
  • Settings
  • All about lights
  • Macro videography
  • Stills
  • Video shooting techniques
  • Dive skills and safety
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Workflow
  • Equipment, accessories, products to avoid and 'must-haves'