Camera Rental

Pete Bucknell
Video Service

Just need an underwater Camera for a day or a week?
You can rent Pete's rig:
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Camera Housing: NA-GH2 and Panasonic GH2 camera with video lights
Includes 7-14 mm lens and 8mm fisheye lenses and dome ports
Good to 250 feet
Perfect for video or stills.
  • Dome Port for 7-14mm lens
  • Dome Port for 8mm fisheye lens
  • Handles
  • Monitor 5" HDMI
  • 10,000 lumen lights by Underwater Light Dude (2 video lights)
  • 4000 lumen lights Keldan 4V (2 video lights)
  • Camera: Panasonic GH2 with 64 GB SD card
  • 7-14 mm lens
  • 8mm fisheye lens